The CSI Hymn


Lyrics by Dr. Josue C. Zuniega
(Adapted from Psalm 8 and 9)
Original Music by
Josue Greg M. Zuniega, Josue Sim M. Zuniega
and Leah M. Zuniega
Arranged by Mr. Marlon Nabia

On Mount Makiling’s beautiful slope
Amidst stately palm trees pointing to the sky
CSI stands to teach God’s truth and love
To children of different races, creed and clime.

The heavens declare the glory of God
The sun, moon and stars obey His perfect laws
Our school like a lighthouse stands in obedience
To show God’s mercy to the sinful man.


God bless Christian School International
Make her faithful in leading us to Christ the way
That our feelings thoughts and behaviour
Be pleasing to you each night and day.

Indeed God’s laws are perfect and sweet
For our protection, wisdom, joy and life
Unto this will our school shall firmly stand
Committed in preaching Christ’s salvation to all men

When at the skies we gaze in awe
God’s wisdom and power we cannot fully know
But wisdom comes through the Bible our guide
When in His Word with faith, we shall onward forward go.

(Repeat Chorus)