Student Services

The Student Services Department is one with the school in aiming for whole student development and to provide a rich environment for the cultivation of learning. To enrich the overall growth and development of the pupils and students, CSI provides the following services and program offerings:

Guidance Program

• Orientation of new students and their parents about school life
• Assist students for their holistic development; for students to gain self-awareness and deep understanding of one’s self and problems or concerns for better adjustments and in making intelligent choices
• Individual inventory and Information Services – to provide complete account of the student’s background, interests, activities and plans relating to the present and the future.
• Testing and Evaluation
• Student Leadership Program
• Counselling and Consultation services
• Assistance for admission to high schools or colleges
• Career Guidance
• Spiritual Wellness – Together with the Office of the Pastor of the Church Among the Palms, Kairos or “Time with God” is held at the beginning of the school year for students in Grades 7 to 12. Also, Year End Retreats are done just after the final exam for Grades 6, 10, and 12 to enrich the students’ spiritual life to better prepare them for the next stage in their lives.

Medical & Dental Services


The school provides physical (head to toe) checkup, dental, and eye checkup. The school nurse attends to students and school personnel when they visit the school clinic for ailments and provides medicines when necessary. When serious accidents occur that need immediate medical attention, parents or guardians are informed and the school takes the initiative to bring the child to the nearest medical facility.

Accident Insurance


Every child enrolled at CSI is covered by an accident insurance. Medical expenses incurred by the parents will be reimbursed by the Insurance Company upon presentation of original doctor’s prescription(s) and official receipts of expenses incurred related to the accident.

Library Services

Books in various subject areas are available to provide reading and reference materials to students and school personnel. It is provided with internet connection and resources like Star Books to help students with their research needs. The library conducts Reader’s Advisory Service, holds regular Library Time and Book Week or Book Fairs.

Canteen Services


The school, through the Church Among the Palms, provides canteen services like provision of meals and snacks to the students and personnel. School supplies are also available for sale at the school canteen.

Community Outreach


In coordination with the CSI Christian Growth Committee the Student Services oversees the Community Outreach where CSI student, parent, and faculty and staff volunteers go out to

Other Student Enrichment Programs

After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

CSI offers ASEP to help children with learning difficulties. However, enrolment to this program will be considered only after remedial methods have been exhausted. The teacher, after a conference with the parents, submits a written recommendation to the principal who then assigns a tutor for the child. A minimal fee is charged for the program.

New (or old) students who lack the necessary requirements for admission to the current grade level they are in are given the opportunity to complete such requirements through the ASEP as well.


Review Classes

To prepare pupils and students for entrance examinations for the next level (high school or college), review classes are   conducted by the school with an objective to provide learning experiences that shall allow them to reinforce and enrich their knowledge and skills especially in Mathematics, Science, and the Languages and guide students to view examinations positively.

Midyear Program

This program provides the students with continuous learning and enrichment classes in all subjects, and opportunities to hone their talents in arts, music and sports. Midyear Program Offerings include Remedial and Enrichment Classes, Advance Classes, Summer Jam, Sports Clinic, Journalism Workshop, Voice and Theatre and other workshops.

Financial Assistance/Scholarship

CSI offers scholarships in the following categories:

a. Valedictorian/Salutatorian,

b. Bright & Needy, and

c.  Pastor’s Kids