School Affairs Committee


The School Affairs Committee (SAC) is a representative body of elected parents and teachers of the school.  The SAC assists the school in its programs and gives suggestions regarding policies, rules and procedures of the school.

SAC Membership:

      1. Election of Section Representatives

Two (2) Section Representatives shall be elected among section-parents present during the Parents’ Orientation to be held within one (1) month from the first day of classes of the school year.


      1. Election of Grade-Level Representative and Assistant Grade-Level Representative

Immediately following the election of Section Representatives, all grade-level parents shall elect one (1) Grade-Level Representative, and one (1) Assistant Grade-Level Representative from among the Section Representatives. However, both positions cannot be filled by Section Representatives coming from one common Section.
The elected Grade-Level Representative shall be part of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) and will be qualified to be nominated in any position of the SAC.

Should the Grade-Level Representative become an officer of the SAC, the Assistant Grade-Level Representative automatically becomes the Grade-Level Representative.

Should the Grade-Level Representative incur three (3) unexcused absence in any SAC monthly meeting, he/shall be replaced automatically by the Assistant Grade-Level Representative as grade-level representative to the SAC.

If the delinquent Grade-Level Representative is also a SAC member, the office shall automatically be deemed vacated, and a new election shall be conducted to fill-up the vacant office.


      1. Term of Office of SAC Members

SAC Members shall serve for a term of one-year, commencing from their election, until the election of a new set of SAC Officers for the next school year.


      1. The previous SAC Chairman, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer shall become ex-officio members of the SAC for the next school year.
      2. Three teacher representatives shall be elected by the faculty to represent the Pre-Elementary, Elementary and High School Departments.
      3. The School Director, School Chaplain, Pre-Elementary/Elementary and High School Principals, Head of Student Services, Head of Finance & Administration, Registrar, Guidance Facilitator/s, and the Administrative Secretary are ex-officio (non-voting) members of SAC.
      4. The Committee members shall elect the following officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and other officers as the School Affairs Committee might find necessary.
      5. The Committee shall also elect SAC sub-committee on Finance, Academic and Physical Committee (preferably at least 3 members each committee).


Duties of School Affairs Committee Officers



      1. Preside all meetings of the School Affairs Committee (SAC)
      2. Prepare, together with the SAC Secretary and the CSI Administrative Secretary, the agenda for the meetings of SAC.
      3. Perform such other duties as may from time to time, be assigned to him by the School Affairs Committee.


Vice Chairperson

      1. Take over the chairperson in performing his/her regular duties during his/her absence;
      2. Perform such other duties as may, from time to time; be assigned to him/her by the School Affairs Committee.



      1. Record the proceeding and minutes of all SAC meetings;
      2. Work with the SAC Chair in the preparation of the agenda for SAC meeting; and
      3. Perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned to him/her by the School Affairs Committee.



      1. Monitor the record-keeping of all financial transactions/funds of the School Affairs Committee;
      2. Give an updated regular report to the SAC regarding income and expenses from the SAC fund; and
      3. Prepare and sign expense request for the use of SAC funds for approved activities.



      1. Check and evaluate financial transactions;
      2. Review the SAC Financial Reports; and
      3. Perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned to him/her by the School Affairs Committee.


SAC Sub-committees:

To effectively carry out the mandates of the School Affairs Committee, there shall be three sub-committees, the members of which shall have a term of one academic year.



The Academic sub-committee shall be composed of the SAC Vice Chair as the Chairperson, the Principals of the Pre-Elementary, Elementary and High School Departments, one teacher representative, one parent representative, and the SAC Chair and the Chairperson of the Board of Christian Educators of the CAP as ex-officio member.



      1. Recommend academic policies, curriculum development and thrust to the SAC;
      2. Evaluate academic needs (textbooks, reference materials, laboratory facilities, etc.) for improvement and                  Recommendations
      3. Assist in the study of the performance evaluation of the graduates; and
      4. Perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned to them by the SAC.


Finance and Resource Generation

It shall be composed of the SAC Treasurer as Chairperson, one teacher representative and three parent representatives with the Head of the Student Services, the Head of Finance and Administration, and the SAC Chair as ex-officio members.



      1. Plan and recommend fund raising activities that could be undertaken by SAC;
      2. Coordinate with the grade/year level parent representatives all activities with regards to fund raising.
      3. Prepare annual SAC budget;
      4. Plan fund raising campaign for special programs, particularly scholarship funds;
      5. Determine and recommend tuition fee rates and other fees for services rendered by the school, for building development and to meet the needs of the program; and
      6. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the SAC.


Physical Development and Maintenance

It shall be composed of one teacher representative, three parent representatives with the School Director, the Head of Finance and Administration and the SAC Auditor as ex-officio members.

The committee members shall elect the Chairperson who shall represent the SAC in the Physical Development Committee of CAP-CSI.



    1. Recommend physical development plans in consonance with the existing plans of the school;
    2. Assist in the implementation of the physical development plans;
    3. Assist in the evaluation of existing infrastructure with respect to adequacy, meeting safety standards, and being conducive to learning or working; and
    4. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the SAC.