Our Data Privacy Statement

Welcome to Christian School International!

Christian School International (CSI) respects the students’ right to privacy and abides by the provisions and requirements stipulated in RA 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012. ÇSI aims to create a balance between the students’ privacy and the free flow of information, especially when pursuing the school’s legitimate interests and when necessary to carry out its responsibilities as an educational institution.

The following pertains to the data that CSI collects from the students.

1. Student Information collected during application for admission and enrollment.

        a. Directory and Personal Information

• Name, Birthday, Place of Birth, Address, Religious Affiliation, Learner Reference Number
• Address, Contact number and other contact details, email address
• Family Background and History, Siblings studying at CSI, Economic Status
• Previous school attended, academic performance, conduct record
• Medical Records

b. All other information obtained during interviews and during entrance exams

2. Student Information collected and generated after enrollment and during their entire stay at CSI

a. Academic/Curricular records

• Attendance
• Scholastic performance

b. Co-Curricular/Extra CurricularInformation

• Membership in clubs and organizations
• Leadership position held
• Participation in school activities such as: competitions, seminars, educational tours, outreach programs, and other school-related activities held inside and outside the CSI grounds
• Involvement in any disciplinary incident including sanctions
• Pictures and videos taken from school activities by the official photographer for official documentation recordings from closed-circuit security television cameras installed within the school premises

3. Other information solicited within the school year that pertains to the students and their families

How CSI Uses Student Information

Pursuant to RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, CSI uses the information collected from the students for legitimate purposes as an educational institution such as academic, administrative, research, statistical and analytical.

Specifically, the information are used for the following purposes, among others.

1.Evaluation of application for admission and confirmation of transfer in preparation for enrollment;

2. Maintenance and generation of student academic/co-curricular/extracurricular progress and records whether manually or electronically or by other means

3. Sharing academic records with and among official personnel for deliberation and evaluation of performance

4. Deliberation and evaluation of student performance

5. Processing scholarship applications, grants, allowances, and other forms of financial Assistance

6. Maintenance of directories and alumni records

7. Compilation of reports for statistical, analytical or research purposes

8. Investigation of incidents that relate to student behavior and conduct

9. Provision of services such as health, insurance, counseling, library, sports/recreation, parking, safety and security

10. Communication of school announcements and advisories

11. Management and control of access to school facilities and equipment

12. Participation in research and surveys sanctioned by the school

13. Solicitation of support for school programs, projects and events

14. Promotion of school and church-related activities

15. School promotion and marketing

CSI fully understands that in the processing of any sensitive personal information and privileged information, stricter rules in accordance to RA 10173 should be imposed. Any data of this kind requires consent and will only be collected at the appropriate time.
Any student’s data will not subject any student or his/her family to any automated decision-making process without the parents’ prior consent.

How CSI Shares or Transfers Student Information

As permitted by law, CSI may share or transfer student information to another institution or an organization to uphold the student’s interest and to pursue the school’s legitimate purposes as an educational institution.

As such, CSI may share or transfer student data for the following purposes:

1. Posting of class lists and class schedules on bulletin boards, in areas within the school premises or in the internet

2. Distribution of student list in preparation for school activities like Recognition Day, Moving Up Ceremony, Commencement Exercises, Closing Programs, among others

3. Sharing student data with parents, guardians or relatives to promote the child’s best interests or to protect his/her health, safety, security

4. Sharing of pertinent information to donors or organizations for the purpose of acquiring scholarship grants or assistance

5. Sharing of pertinent information to organizations/institutions/companies that will provide training and or work immersion to students or facilitate the conduct of educational tours

6. Reporting of information to government bodies or agencies such as Department of Education (DepEd), Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), Bureau of Immigration (BI) and to organizations that CSI has established membership i.e. Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities – Accrediting Council (ACSCU-ACI), Association of Christian Schools International, Philippines (ACSI), among others

7. Conducting of survey and research to foster school development

8. Publishing academic/co-curricular/extra-curricular achievements and success online at the school’s official social media accounts and Website, on bulletin boards, and strategic places within the school premises.

9. Sharing students accomplishments or achievements with schools the students came from as requested

10. Posting photos, videos, tarpaulins/posters with student information, and other advertising materials like brochures, website posts, newspaper online and within the school premises to promote the school and its activities

11. Livestreaming of school events

12. Providing information such as list of students to partner hospitals, insurance providers, local health workers and other similar institutions for health insurance purposes

13. Sharing of information to partner service providers such as School Management System, Learning Management System, school website, RFID and Registration and Finance System to facilitate development and operations of the school

14. Publication of communications and school organ on social media sites

How CSI Stores and Retains Student Information

The CSI students’ data are stored securely in physical document format and electronic format including databases. Access to student data is limited to the Office of the Registrar and the Finance Office who have legitimate interest in the student data for the purpose of carrying out their contractual duties.

CSI retains the students’ relevant information indefinitely for statistical and historical purposes, unless otherwise provided by law or by appropriate school policies. Records will be securely disposed after the period determined by the institution or the law.