Church Ministries

Christian Education Ministries

(Sunday School,Junior Worship, VCS, Volunteer Teachers etc.)

Community Outreaches (Bay/Tadlac/Riverside)

to share your time and talent in our area in Bay and Tadlac.


 Youth Ministry

to serve as their mentor, or advisers in their respective activities inside and outside the church.


 Music Ministry

to use your talent in worshipping God through singing, dancing and playing instruments.


 Children’s Ministry

to serve as teachers, and guide for children of the church and of our outreaches.


 Jail Ministry

to share the Word of God to those Person Deprived of Liberty and as to adhere to the UCCP/CAP Statement of Faith…”liberty is given to the captive and oppressed”

 Hospital Ministry

to be of Jesus Christ’s co-stewards of life as to bring them healing and strength through the work of the Holy Spirit.


 “Blessings on a Plate” (BOAP) Ministry

to share with those less privilege students of the university and neighboring colleges dinner/meal every Thursday in which we also share the Word of God for them to realized that they have a family here, while they are away from their own homes


 Shut-In Ministry

to give the sick their part in the Holy Communion and pray for their healing and strength i their homes