The Administrative Department involves processes and systems pertaining to personnel concerns, procurement, property, security, repairs, and maintenance.

This section aims to offer support by ensuring that equipment and essential services needed for quality education are being made available.  In addition, it safeguards the various school facilities to be able to provide a conducive and safe learning environment for the pupils and students. All resources are managed efficiently and fully as to exhibit good stewardship.

Safety & Security Measures



Students are under the school’s jurisdiction from the time they enter the school premises up to their dismissal time.

Parents and guardians are requested to stay ONLY at the waiting shed during class hours.
Under UNAVOIDABLE circumstances, things left at home and brought to school must be left at the guard.


Different IDs/Pass

1. Student ID with RFID tag
2. Faculty/Staff ID with RFID tag
3. Pick Up ID (Pre-Elem)
4. Visitor’s ID
5. Clinic Pass


Attendance Monitoring System / Short Message Service(SMS)

  • 4 kiosks – 1 located at waiting shed, 2 at the Sage Hall, and 1 at the Center Hall
  • Real-time log in/out feedback
  • Audit log in/out
  • Announcements/reminders

If a Student Is…

TO LEAVE BEFORE DISMISSAL TIME: Written parental request should presented to and signed by adviser, and presented to the guard.

SICK: Parents will be immediately informed. CLINIC PASS – signed by parent/ guardian, and adviser, and presented to the guard.


Services/Private Vehicles

Vehicles entering CAP-CSI campus : 

  • CAP-CSI sticker, visibly displayed on windshield. “NO STICKER, NO ENTRY”.
  • Windows down for greater visibility of passengers.

Traffic Control & Parking

  • NO PARKING from 6:00-8:00 a.m.
  • Park at designated areas only. Motorcycle parking is available.
  • Parking space is limited, so please park properly to maximize space, and with limited time only to be able to accomplish purpose of visit.
  • Small gate is used as ENTRANCE and EXIT for pedestrians. Big gate is used for vehicles only.


  1. Parents/Guardians should wait for their children at designated places just before dismissal time.

Pre-Elem (pick up ID) – near classroom area

Elementary/High School – waiting    shed

  1. Transport Service Personnel

     a. Update file at Admin Office to include names of students
     b. Use current CSI sticker
     c. Always wear Service Vehicle ID
     d. Wait for the students to be dismissed from their classes and come out of their classrooms – you are NOT to disturb classes.

*Designated places, same as parents/guardians


  1. CSI is a NO SMOKING campus!
  2. The ONLY authorized seller of food and other goods within the school premises is the SCHOOL CANTEEN.